Lone Wolf
Some Day
Empty Pages

Every Time



I watch her in her silken lair
Trapping and wrapping her prey
Fragile and deadly
Magical and fey
Elegant and brutal
Savagely refined
Hypnotic and enchanting
Power to spellbind
Darting swift as lightning
Precise as cutting steel
No sound betrays her coming
Silent death to deal
Her patience is eternal
Her mercy seldom shown
She waits in silent vigil
Beside her woven throne
Fascinating creature
Darkest Hippocrene
In a world devoid of empathy
Arachne is the Queen













This heart has never once been tame
Never heard before the name
That made it beat and burst aflame
Nor tempted it to join the game

Once broken down and fleeing all
No master held it yet in thrall
None possessing the wherewithal
To have it heed and come to call

Why now is it content to change
For one that stepped within its range?
One it cannot dare estrange
Yielding more for each exchange

This heart is turning fully tame
Beating more to hear that name
That draws it out to join the game
Nor does it want to quell the flame

Feral ways fade out to black
There can be no turning back














Tired of being part of this
Tired of being here
Tired of the emptiness
Tired of the fear
Tired of stupidity
Tired of the fray
Tired of the greediness
Tired of someday
Tired of the bitterness
Tired of the hurt
Tired of the struggle
Tired of the dirt
Tired of being powerless
Tired of being right
Tired of enduring
Tired of hindsight
Tired of being angry
Tired of being mad
Tired of forgiving
Tired of being sad
Tired of the irony
Tired of the joke
Tired of humanity
Tired of the yolk
Tired of the cruelty
Tired of the wait
Tired of impunity
Tired of the hate
Tired of ignorance
Tired of the game
Tired of discouragement
Tired of my name
Tired of repeating
Tired of mistakes
Tired of feeling
Tired of the stakes
Tired of entrapment
Tired of being tied
Tired of enfeeblement
Tired of being tired
Just tired




















Tick tock, broken o'clock
I wish I could believe
Ding dong, something's wrong
No chance of a reprieve

Crash bang, sturm und drang
The rain will hide my tears
Snap crack, fade to black
Disguise unspoken fears

Hush child, eyes grown wild
Cornered there, defenceless
Stay low, no-one will know
None will see you helpless

Bite hiss, remember this
I know what happens now
Boom roll, empty echo
No time to wonder how

Rip tear, seconds to spare
Mask back over the face
Wish dream, don't you dare scream
Vanish without a trace















I am the Avenging Angel
Cold as ice, as hot as flame
Call on me when life betrays you
Vengeance is my given name

I will crush them in an instant
Carapaces ground to dust
I will tarnish living memory
Reduce their finery to rust

Summon me to your transgressors
Etch their names upon my blade
Burn an offering in my honour
Call my name and be not swayed

Wings blood red and cloaked in midnight
None see me of their accord
Vengeance born of man's importance
Fatal beauty, just reward













I am the lightning; I am the fire
I know your innermost desire
I am the darkness; I am the light
I know what you dream at night
I am the river; I am the sea
I know all that you can be
I am the huntress; I am the hart
I know what sets you apart
I am the mountain; I am the snow
I know what you want to know
I am the whisper; I am the breeze
I know what your mind's eye sees
I am the thunder; I am the rain
I know when your soul feels pain
I am the treetops; I am the ground
I know when your spirit's bound
I am the grasslands; I am the scree
I know how to set you free
I am of nature; I am eldritch
I know because I am the witch













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